Ah!!!! The J isn’t in the middle anymore over my desk!!! Sorry, that was random, really something I just noticed. This is ANOTHER update thing, I guess. Or let’s call it another about me thing, only with really random things.

1. You really wouldn’t guess it from here or my videos, but I’m a REALLY shy person!! In school I’m really quiet, and one year in ballet, I got an award for being the most quiet person there! They said that they never heard a peep out of me, even when they asked a question!

2. Science and social studies are my least favorite subjects (sorry to my teachers!!), but I am doing REALLY well in Social Studies! I have an A+!!! And in science I have an A.

3. The title for this post has a funny story behind it. Last night at dinner (my brother was at his “girlfriend’s”, tehe!! Sorry Jake! It is obvious! You’re ALWAYS at Winnie’s!) my dad told me he was going away to Germany and Davos in Switzerland (he does every year) and he said that my mom was going to bring in her husband and her other children while he was gone!! So, I responded, “Oh, I can’t wait to see Sally again!” He smacked me with his napkin…

4. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer. My favorite song by her is Our Song or Breathe.

5. My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer!!! (Bet you didn’t know that! Tehe…)

6. My nicknames are JJ, Jules, Jul, Julie (I HATE this one!), Julianna (Although this is not a nickname, it’s a full name. BUT it’s NOT my full name! My full name IS Julia, I assure you!). There’s actually a funny story behind the nickname Julianna! So last year I made up that I had so many brothers and sisters because my math teacher had us do this survey about people in our family. (something about the first three numbers that popped in their head from 1-2 or something… and I told my friend that I didn’t have 4 people in my family to ask… I only have 2 because my brother’s never home! And you know, I wouldn’t call him to ask him a question because that’s weird. He would most likely get annoyed… this is a really long parentheses… and now I will end it…) What was I saying again? I bet you forgot too, because I forgot!!! Oh yeah, and I made up names for everybody in my family! I had an older sister named Juliet and she was married to Romeo. She had twin boys named Jeremiah and Jeremy. Then Jake was a triplet with Jacob and Jakemire! And I had a twin named Julianna (To my comm arts teacher: SHE is the evil twin!!! hehe… I am just the innocent one that just happens to get in trouble every time SHE opens her mouth.) and a little sister named Julie who just HAPPENED to look EXACTLY the same as I did when I was five!!! Coincidence???

7. Last night for dinner I had the equivalent of 2 servings of mashed potatoes!!! Which, of course, was all I had for dinner! (Do you REMEMBER why? Need I explain MORE of that painful, painful memory that will forever hold a scar in my heart? Boy, I am DEEP today…)

8. Here is a picture of my brother and me when I was just born! It’s EXTREMELY rare because I took a screencap from a video of us!

My dad told my brother to make a funny face at me to see if I would laugh! And Jake said that he fed me sometimes, and my dad seemed so proud of him! He said, “You do, Jake? Wow!” He was SO cute when he was younger! Oh, and Jake, if you are reading this, it’s not like you’re not cute now, it’s just… oh never mind.

9. Here’s an awfully strange picture of me!!

It’s from a video and it was at the start of it! And then I just suddenly burst up and screamed into it… tehe, I secretly still do that!

10. I haven’t changed my white board since August… or was it September? hehe… That’s going to be a pain to erase!!!

11. My friend just called inviting me to her birthday! And she also said how sorry she was about my teeth getting pulled. That was nice of her. 🙂

12. I have to go take a shower now… blech. Oh, that reminds me!!! (Oh no, here we go again…) My dad last night he was listening to his radio thing and he said blech! He told us how he first pronounced it like ble-ch with the ch sound, when it’s supposed to sound like a k!! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe (Wow that’s a lot of fun!!!)

Sorry for what I am about to say (I love that site with all of those goodbyes!!!)

No more of you. SHOO, SHOO!!


Enjoy the video! This is all how my afternoon went downhill! I still haven’t eaten because everything’s STILL numb! Oh why me? I was a happy girl before all of this!

And before, I drank some water because, well, I don’t know, I was thirsty, and it was really cold! It hurt one of my gums SO bad that I was actually crying! (I cried I think for 5 minutes. My dad even heard me from his office and came out to comfort me!!) I didn’t take a picture of that for you… because, well, nobody likes a picture where someone is crying! (Or do you???) I don’t think you want to see me in pain/agony!!! Nobody wants to see that, because when I’m in pain, I cry really hard!! (There goes one of my secrets… I don’t really care though)

The bleeding STILL hasn’t gone away!!! When is it going to stop! My whole life depends on it!! (Well, not really, but the whole happy part of my life does)

Sorry for this goodbye, but it’s from the site again!!!

So long, and thanks for all the fish, whatever that means.

My teeth!!!! They’re gone!!! Enjoy these snapshots (I’ve always wanted to say that!!) of me after it. Well, actually it’s still after I got my teeth pulled, and I can’t eat for a couple of hours!!! The only good thing about it is that I missed square dancing at school! (Although I’m in an all girl group) So don’t enjoy! (No seriously, if you enjoy them, then I’ll… well I don’t know what I’ll do, but it won’t be good!!)

^ That’s me saying, “Smile power!” (That’s what it says on the tooth case, but I really don’t agree with it whatsoever!

^ That’s me thinking, OH NO, my teeth!!!

^ That’s me thinking, This gauze is REALLY uncomfortable!!

^ That’s me thinking, Ew, my mouth feels gushy! (Even my lips feel all gushy!!!) I’ve actually already had teeth pulled but I hate the feeling no matter how many teeth I’ve gotten pulled!

^ This is me thinking, This side hurts SO bad!!!

So, I hope you didn’t enjoy them!


As of 3:22 pm, these are the new things that happened to me:

^ Me thinking, Wahoo!! New gauze!

Ew, OK, so the old gauze was SO bloody!!! And it fell on the floor, and the blood went onto the floor!!! Gross Lactose! (I don’t know, it rhymed with gross!)

So I’ll see you guys… (pulls “cool” glasses down) LATER.


Excuse my caps lock. I was always taught not to use caps lock because it’s not polite or something crazy like that. But anyways, hate these pictures as much as you want!!!

^ Me thinking, I’m SOOOOO hungry!!!!!!!! I can’t eat for a while and I haven’t eaten since a while! And I had delayed lunch today and I didn’t get to eat a lot!!!! I got to eat half a bagel and a yogurt. I usually have a little more. It is now 3:41 (I can’t go a long time now without blogging) and I can’t survive! Speaking of surviving, here is a picture of me pretending to act dead:

Sorry it’s not a great dead picture! I’m not at my best today… can you see why? I hate blood!! Especially coming from my mouth!! Once you think about it, isn’t it really weird how blood can come out of your mouth? I mean, you’re swallowing your own blood!

I’m OUT!!


OK, I am BACK and soooo NOT ready to PARTAY!!! Here is a picture of me when I’m thinking: I can’t feel anything when I’m scratching my face!!!

May your teeth never be replaced by freshly ironed wool socks. (Okay, I seriously have NO CLUE what that means!! I got it from this site for different ways to say goodbye! If you have ANY clue, PLEASE tell me!!! I just thought it would be perfect in this case because I am talking about teeth… tehe) Anyways, may your teeth never be replaced by freshly ironed wool socks.

So, I am doing this project in Comm Arts where you have to make a commercial/advertisement or a product of your choice. So, I took some pictures of myself for it, and really didn’t feel like putting it on a memory stick and transferring it to a school computer. That’s why I am putting the pictures here (which I’m kinda not happy about, but it’s better than doing all of that work :P). So, here come the pictures (and I just spelled pictures wrong the first time…wow)!!!!

“Only two?” you say. After that long speech, I’m sure you expected more! Just for your fun and entertainment (clearly not mine), I will show you some pictures nobody has even seen before (except for the one and only ME, of course)!!!!

^ The first picture that I EVER took on this laptop!!! I got this laptop for graduation in fifth grade (I got ALL A+’s!!!!) and that was the first picture I EVER took (did I say that enough?)!!!

^ Well, my dad has seen that one, so technically I didn’t go by what I said.

^ Showing people what I looked like without glasses… but the funniest thing is, and you’re going to laugh right here, is that I NEVER showed these pictures to them!!!! Ha Ha HA HAAAAA!!!!

^ This was a “blooper picture” for the post about me being sick in bed. Haha, good night Julia!!!


THIS is what happens when a little girl doesn’t know the camera is coming:

I am at my aunt’s house right now and am watching (well, was watching) my mom playing with her dog. So what did you get for Christmas? Here’s what I got:

1. A new video camera!!!!!! I’ve already started using it!!!!!! It is REALLY nice!!!! I love it sooooo much!

2. A Wii! Well, it’s not a new one, but my brother gave me his. Isn’t that nice? I LOVE it!!!

3. Some Wii games, including a tennis one (Yay!!), an iCarly one (I LOVE that show!!), one called Sing It which has a lot of Disney Channel songs, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? (tehe… I would HOPE so by now!), and yeah, I think that’s it. 🙂

4. TWO calendars! One is Snoopy and the other is tennis! (In case you didn’t know, I ❤ both :D)

5. And then some stocking stuffers. 🙂 (wow stuffers is NOT a word! I did NOT know that!)

SO, Merry Christmas from Hailey and me!!!!


The Bryan Brothers have a new, FUNNY song out in iTunes! It’s featuring Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. They mentioned that Novak was a natural rapper in an interview, but said that Andy Murray was a little hesitant. (This is the same guy who didn’t say anything at Arthur Ashe Kids Day!) Listen to it right now!

Now it’s time for a REALLY funny picture of Andy Murray in the making of the rap!!!

And here are the lyrics!!!!

Bob Bryan:

See the little girl with the Sharpie in her hand. She’s walking my way ignoring her man. Waited two hours just to see me move. Now give me that pen, and feel the groove. Autograph.

Mike Bryan:

So you got your autograph, now what you gonna do? Take it to the beach, or use it at the zoo. Or put it on the web to make a little money. These autographs, they’re pretty funny. Autograph.

Novak Djokovic:

From Melbourne to Paris, London to New York, the fans start flocking when I step off the court. My name is the Joker and I sign with a smile. Get me some water, I’ll be here a while. Autograph.

Andy Murray:

During Wimbledon, it really gets me crazy. My hand cramps up and my mind gets hazy. I sign and sign but the line doesn’t end. Wake me up tomorrow and let’s do it again. Autograph.

In my opinion, Andy Murray should stick with the tennis! But it is very humorous.

Photo Courtesy of ATP World Tour.

Roger Federer played Juan Martin del Potro… and I missed it! But, from what Roger Federer’s website says (I go there everyday :D), he just made it through to the semi-finals! Although Del Potro did defeat him 6-2, 6-7 (5), and 6-3 (I’m not quite so sure I’d want to watch that anymore…), Roger got the best of Andy Murray’s record: 45 games won to 43 games lost, while Andy Murray has 44-43! (Thanks to Roger Federer’s website for those statistics!) One game can really mean a lot…