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(Told you I would call it that!)

Once upon a time… wait, no, that’s fairytale talk. Julia was a superhero (Much, much better) who needed her hair brushed for the superhero ponytail thingy. She didn’t know what to do! So she called her secret agent in and he told her that she should brush her hair! “Oh, that makes sense!” Julia exclaimed. “But what do I brush my hair with?” she questioned. Her super special secret agent handed her a weird looking thing.

“It’s called a hairbrush,” he said. “You use it to brush your hair.” Julia nodded with a smile on her face.

“I’ll be done in no time!” she exclaimed!

“Not so fast!” the super villain, Knots, shouted. “You have to get passed ME first!” Julia gasped. She looked around to see if there was anything that could help her. In fact, there was a handy dandy knot spray thingy sitting right in front of her! What a coincidence!

“THIS will defeat you and your evil power, Knots!” she exclaimed.

She put some in her hair and…

it worked!

Well, sort of…

After a few hours of brushing her hair, Julia finally exclaimed, “I’m almost almost done!” And when she was done, there was a bigger villain to tackle: The Ponytail Thingy.

“Maybe singing a song will help me,” Julia said.

“I’m brushing my hair without a care!” Julia sang into her weapon, the hairbrush.

Magically, her hair went up into a ponytail shape. So, she sang some more.

“Just this Suave thing, and nobody’s bothering!” she sang. A window may have broken, but her hair once again, magically started putting the ponytail around itself!

“Um… I will defeat the villain by just chillin’!” she thought quickly. And, just before her eyes, the ponytail went around her hair once more!

“Uh… my hair will be perfect and it will be worth it!” And, with that, Julia’s ponytail was complete!

“I’m done!!!” Julia exclaimed. “So, when is this superhero ponytail thing?” she questioned her super special secret agent.

“Oh, in about two and a half weeks,” he answered.


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This is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing! Spanish really gets me to start laughing, too. (I really don’t know why) But, if you know me, once I start laughing, I can’t stop. It’s just too hard! I’m actually laughing RIGHT now as I write this post! So, anyways, enjoy the video before I blabber on and on about useless things!

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