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Vlog #1: The Longest Point Played in the History of Professional Tennis (Included with Bloopers and everything! That’s how you know it’s REALLY professional! :P)

And, if you haven’t noticed the new link on the side, I have a new Youtube page! (Moderated by my parent) This page is going to have all my vlogs, plus some TOTALLY unrelated stuff! So, what are you still doing here? Go, go, GO!!!!s)


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On September 20th (2009), Roger Federer hit another shot between-the-legs at the Davis Cup! Federer hit the same shot at the US Open against Djokovic, the second to last point of the match. This one was also amazing, again, running from the net to the baseline. His opponent got the between-the-legs shot back, but missed the volley by quite a bit. You can watch it here.

You can watch his shot at the US Open against Djokovic here.


Photo courtesy of Just Jared and Stuff.

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