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The Bryan Brothers have a new, FUNNY song out in iTunes! It’s featuring Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. They mentioned that Novak was a natural rapper in an interview, but said that Andy Murray was a little hesitant. (This is the same guy who didn’t say anything at Arthur Ashe Kids Day!) Listen to it right now!

Now it’s time for a REALLY funny picture of Andy Murray in the making of the rap!!!

And here are the lyrics!!!!

Bob Bryan:

See the little girl with the Sharpie in her hand. She’s walking my way ignoring her man. Waited two hours just to see me move. Now give me that pen, and feel the groove. Autograph.

Mike Bryan:

So you got your autograph, now what you gonna do? Take it to the beach, or use it at the zoo. Or put it on the web to make a little money. These autographs, they’re pretty funny. Autograph.

Novak Djokovic:

From Melbourne to Paris, London to New York, the fans start flocking when I step off the court. My name is the Joker and I sign with a smile. Get me some water, I’ll be here a while. Autograph.

Andy Murray:

During Wimbledon, it really gets me crazy. My hand cramps up and my mind gets hazy. I sign and sign but the line doesn’t end. Wake me up tomorrow and let’s do it again. Autograph.

In my opinion, Andy Murray should stick with the tennis! But it is very humorous.

Photo Courtesy of ATP World Tour.


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Roger Federer played Juan Martin del Potro… and I missed it! But, from what Roger Federer’s website says (I go there everyday :D), he just made it through to the semi-finals! Although Del Potro did defeat him 6-2, 6-7 (5), and 6-3 (I’m not quite so sure I’d want to watch that anymore…), Roger got the best of Andy Murray’s record: 45 games won to 43 games lost, while Andy Murray has 44-43! (Thanks to Roger Federer’s website for those statistics!) One game can really mean a lot…

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This is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing! Spanish really gets me to start laughing, too. (I really don’t know why) But, if you know me, once I start laughing, I can’t stop. It’s just too hard! I’m actually laughing RIGHT now as I write this post! So, anyways, enjoy the video before I blabber on and on about useless things!

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Federer, Murray Showdown

“This is what separates the men from the boys.”

In this epic now three-set match, Roger Federer shows what it takes to be a professional tennis player. Andy Murray took the first set 6-3, but Federer didn’t let this bring him down. He showed that if you keep believing in yourself, anything is possible. Federer took the second set, 6-3, and we’re now in the third set, on serve.

Murray is trying to be more aggressive than he was in the first set, but didn’t do enough with the forehand. Roger Federer produced two brilliant shots in a row to get the match even at 1-1.

Murray has double faulted six times in the match, double faulting on the first point in every game of the third set. Now 0-30, can Federer pull off this game?

Triple break point. “He’s allowing Federer to gain confidence.” What a great statement to describe this moment in the match.

Federer takes the game! It’s now 2-1… and a commercial break. E-Harmony, some pretty good stuff right there!

They’re experiencing some “technical difficulties.” But no worries! Federer DID end up winning, 6-1 in the third!

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Federer is CRUISIN’!!!

I’m watching TENNIS!!!! Roger is playing Fernando Verdasco and they’re well into the third set. Roger is leading three games to… ZERO!! Roger Federer truly is my hero. My friends made fun of me for wearing a Love Roger shirt and for singing his song! Well then!

Roger is up 4-0 in the third set now. They’re playing the year-end championships and it’s a round robin match. Verdasco won the first set 4-6 (which I was watching in the shower =D) and Federer won 7-5 in the second set. Haha… it’s now 5-0. I’m laughing because Verdasco was about to challenge a call, and Federer just sat down in his chair! Haha… you had to be there. Wait, I wasn’t even there! Let’s just forget I even said anything. But anyways, Verdasco ended up not challenging.

The tension is rising! 0-15, Federer in the lead. What will happen? Well, tune in next month for the answer! Just kidding, just kidding. I will keep you posted… NOW!

I missed it! My friend just called for homework help so I’m going to rewind. He won it 6-1 in the third. I love that match. I love any match that Roger Federer wins, though, so don’t go by what I love. 😀

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GUESS Who?!?!


It’s ME!!! Back and ready to PARTAY! So… two days ago was FRIDAY THE 13TH. And guess what? I had one test and two quizzes on that day. And I saw a black cat and went under a ladder! OK, I went under the ladder because I wanted to see what would happen! But that’s not the point of me writing this. On that Friday, I got ANOTHER prism on my glasses. A prism over a prism, as I call it. Don’t know what a prism is? Here’s a picture of the glasses of yours truly.

Photo 121

If you look really closely at the lens on the left, then you’ll see that there are lines in it. It’s really the lens on the right, but I turned my glasses around, so yeah. The prism is on my right eye. Right, now I’m seeing glares AND the lines from my prism. Ugh! Being the Queen doesn’t come easily.

This was really a pointless post coming from a pointless mind coming from a pointless girl. And that pointless sentence didn’t even make any sense.

But anyways, shout out to Roger Federer! (I’ve always wanted to say that) He’s awesome for… not knowing who I am. Well, he will soon!!!!! I shall (I’ve been saying that a lot) write him a letter, and WHEN he writes back, I will post it on here, and then be really able to say, Shout Out to Roger Federer! That is my plan.

Until next time!

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