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January. The month of cold weather and snow. But this coming January is more than all of that. You might be asking me, what’s happening in January? And, if you’re seriously just asking me that, you haven’t even read the title. (I feel like one of my teachers when people haven’t read the instructions! She just says, “Did you seriously just ask me that question?”) Justine Henin, now 27-years old, could be on the list for a possible comeback.

Henin says about her return, “The fire within burns again. I want to come back in January.” If you are a follower of this former #1 tennis player, you see this as a shocking statement. When Justine retired, or more like resigned, a little more than a year ago, she said that she was happy where she was and wasn’t thinking about coming back. Could this have been influenced of another Belgian star, Kim Clijsters, who just won the US Open back in September?

“Subconsciously, it might have had an impact,” she said. “But it certainly was not the most important reason.”

I remember that day when Justine retired. I wrote about it in my fifth grade memoir. If you are interested in reading it, I will type it below. Please keep in mind, when I wrote this, I had NO idea she would EVER come back, so I wrote it as if she NEVER would. Oh, and also, there are some grammar mistakes, but I was in fifth grade and wrote this with NO help, so don’t try and correct me.

A Major Story in History
May 2008

Justine Henin was more than just the world’s number one tennis player, she was a hero. Her retirement was shocking, yet totally reasonable. At the age of twelve, Justine’s mom died of cancer, right after she had brought her daughter to the French Open. But, unlike any other tennis players, Justine didn’t play to be number one, she played for her mother. She played for the applause she could only hear.

I don’t blame her. She had been through a tough life, ever since before she was born. Her sister died being hit by a car, and her four-year marriage ended last year. In her words, it was time to move on.

Justine Henin was my hero, and she still is. Anyone who has the courage to do something spectacular with so many losses, is an automatic hero. To this day, Justine Henin is still #1 in tennis history.


Justine Henin, at just 25, retired on May 14, 2008.

(The END)

Quoting ME: “My HERO is back! Happy days!”

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Where HAS Julia Been?

One word for you… homework. I know you have to have it, but seriously, why 5 hours a night? (Not an exaggeration… trust me) I’m lucky I even got on this morning. Before school. So, my friends (whoever you may be), you will get to read 19 minutes worth of a post. (Yes, very exact) Let’s have an interview with ME in those minutes. (Now 18… I’ve been thinking of what to write)

Q: JUST how is the Tennis Channel?
A: PERFECT. Nothing can be better. Not only does it have REAL tennis, but it has these cool little half hour shows with the worst calls, best points, etc. There are also bag checks from the world’s BEST tennis players! (STILL waiting for Roger Federer’s, Tennis Channel!)

Q: How was your birthday?
A: I’m just so glad you asked! It was a lot of fun! I woke up at 4:17 and stayed up until 10:39! Sigh… I wish it was still the 10TH OF OCTOBER. (Just for your knowledge for next year :P) I got a new iPod (Nano) because my brother accidentally spilled water all over my old one. (I’m still expecting that money back…even though you got it for me :D) I went to tennis from 2 to 4:30, and my tennis teachers gave me this cool K-Swiss bag! And then my friend came over and we did these weird dances… don’t ask.

Q: What are you doing this November?
A: I’m doing NaNoWrImO another year in a row. It’s going to be sooo much fun! But, the problem is how to stay on top of all my school work during that time. But I’m going to write another mystery this year! Along with going to my newspaper club at school (WHICH is a lot of F-U-N) and going to tennis class. Plus the orthodontist and doctor appointments during my days off!!! HOW fun.

Q: What are you doing for Halloween?
A: I’m not doing anything, really. I like to hand out candy to people who come to my house. It’s a lot of fun! I don’t go Trick-or-Treating because I have braces and can’t have any of the candy anyway. But I LOVE to hand out the candy! (Even though I’m SECRETLY jealous!)

Q: That will be all.
A: What kind of question is that???

OK, seriously, that is it. Even though I have 10 minutes left, I need to post this post. (That sounds weird) And do other things that is not necessary for you to know about. (OK, if you really WANT to know, I’m going to go on Gmail to email some people!)

So, ADIOS, until next time!!!!

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